Ultimate Cruise Packing List: What to bring on your Cruise!

Your cruise is booked. You’re ready for the sunshine. You’re ready for the water. You’re ready for the debauchery. Are you really ready to leave? Packing is often the least fun part about vacation, especially if you don’t know what to bring. I’ve created the ultimate cruise packing list to help you feel prepared for your voyage on the open seas!

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Important Documents

  • cruise documents (There are several documents and waivers the cruise lines require you to fill out when you book. Have these ready when you are boarding.)
  • drivers license
  • birth certificate or passport (A passport is surprisingly not always required when you are cruising. I have been to Mexico and the Bahamas, and did not have a passport for either.)
  • medical insurance cards
  • debit/credit cards (Make sure you call your bank or credit card company prior to the trip to alert them that you may be making purchases outside of your normal area.)
  • cash
  • copies of airline tickets and cruise tickets
  • luggage tags

Clothing (Men and Women)

  • underwear for every day of the trip (Panties/Bras/Boxers)
  • shirts for every day of the trip
  • shorts for every day of the trip
  • a pair of jeans or two in case it gets chilly
  • sun dresses
  • hats
  • flip flops
  • tennis shoes
  • workout clothes (There is a gym on board)
  • At least two or three bathing suits
  • pajammas
  • fancy formal dress/fancy formal suit (There is usually a formal night- long journeys often have two.)
  • heels, flats, or nice shoes for formal night
  • socks
  • under shirts (tank tops/camis)
  • leggings
  • belts
  • a jacket in case it gets cold
  • swimsuit cover up

Accessories and Beauty

  • watch (Phones will mess up, making it difficult to know the correct time.)
  • jewelry- earrings, bracelets, necklaces (You will especially want to bedazzle for formal night.)
  • makeup/makeup remover
  • wallet
  • purse
  • lotion
  • sunglasses
  • hair dryer
  • hair spray
  • straightner/curling iron
  • brush/comb
  • hair gel
  • shampoo and conditioner (although they do have some for you.)
  • razors/shaving cream
  • deodorant
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste


  • prescription drugs
  • tylenol/ibuprophen
  • dramamine
  • sunscreen
  • band-aids

Odds and Ends

  • Laundry bags
  • books
  • journal
  • pens/pencils
  • card game of choice (typically I bring Cards Against Humanity, because I know they have most other card and board games in the library on board.)
  • corkscrew in your checked luggage if you brought a bottle of wine
  • phone
  • camera
  • electronics chargers

Stick to this list, and you should be set. Get ready for the vacation of a lifetime, and feel eased that you’re not forgetting anything terribly important. Towels are provided in the rooms, you’ll have all the food and drinks you’ll ever need, relax, have fun, and enjoy your vacation! Please tell me about it in the comments below! Feel free to tell me if you can think of something that I have perhaps forgotten as well. Bon Voyage!





8 Comments on Ultimate Cruise Packing List: What to bring on your Cruise!

  1. This list is super helpful and comprehensive! I will be using this as a checklist next time I book a cruise! I always end up forgetting something completely essential like a bag for dirty laundry or a couple pairs of jeans for those windy nights. Thank you:)

  2. Hi Court,
    My husband and I will be celebrating our 35yr anniversary this August. We’ve been thinking about going on a cruise as neither of us have ever been. Your site is going to be very helpful!

  3. My girlfriend has been trying to talk me into a cruise trip for quite some time now. I am not always a huge fan of cruises because of the water kind of gives me motion sickness. Is there anything you can do to combat motion sickness, though? I want to go on a cruise but I’m not sure I can handle it.

    • Garen, There are several things you can take to combat motion sickness!
      I always bring dramamine. You can also get the patch. My boyfriend gets VERY motion sick. He always had to ride at the front of the bus in school, and in cars. I was nervous to take him, but he did fine. (He felt the ship a little bit the first night, but it’s because he took off his patch, because he didn’t feel he needed it at the time.) There are other precautions you can take as well. For example, maybe try sailing out of the gulf instead of the the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. Less waves will make it less rocky. Also– Don’t take a cruise during hurricane season. Check the weather, and look out for storms. All of these little things can make a difference. Sometimes it also helps to start the cruise with a few drinks down. You might not notice it as much then. 😛

  4. I never knew you have to take your driver license with you on a cruise.. but thanks to you I will never forget it! And also, when you’re packing for a trip, you could always forget something.. but thanks to you, I can always look here and check if I’m missing something!

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