Family Cruise Vacations: Why Cruises are Perfect for Families

2020-07-22 By courtney Off

Cruises are very near and dear to my heart, because I have so many wonderful memories of my own family cruise vacations. If you haven’t taken a family cruise yet. I’m going to urge you to stop what you are doing, and book one of those guys right now. It’s important to pamper yourself, and have those memories that you can look back on fondly for years to come with your loved ones.

Why Choose to Cruise

There are several reasons why cruising is my personal favorite way to spend my voyages, but I’m going to be talking about why it’s the best way for your family.

  1. It’s the Best Bang for your Buck!
  2. Multiple Destinations in One Trip!
  3. There’s Something for Everyone!
  4. You’re Off the Grid!

Best Bang for Your Buck

Cruises are not only relaxing and adventurous vacations. They are also cheap vacations. Two main companies that come to mind for being ALL inclusive are Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Both are amazing cruise lines. My family tends to take Carnival Cruises more often because they’re slightly more affordable, although there are great deals for both!

When you book an all-inclusive family cruise vacation that means that basically everything is included. What do I mean by “basically everything?” Food, travel, and lodging. The three main things we always look for in a vacation. There are certain meals that can cost money, but those are clearly specified and I have honestly never paid for those. The food that is included is perfectly great! Alcoholic beverages and sodas aren’t included, but you can purchase a drink pass or just pay as you go.

A word of advice for you is to not tip unless you feel extra serviced and generous, because you will receive a bill for the tips they automatically charge every time you order these drinks. However, this isn’t a cost to worry about, just something to keep in mind.

When you book your cruise you are paying for a place to sleep for the entirety of the cruise, a vessel to travel in that takes you to beautiful places, often times it’s multiple destinations in one cruise. Check out this SUPER AFFORDABLE six night caribbean cruise with Carnival!!

Or just find your own custom vacation with Royal Caribbean or Carnival by checking out all their ships on one of those links!!

There are endless amounts of food. I’m not putting this lightly; Plan to lose a couple pounds before the vacation, because you will gain a couple. There is just too many delicious foods readily available at all times of the day and night. There’s a buffet as well as fine dining and room service. All of which are included when you book.

The family and I in the dining room with our amazing servers on one of our past cruises.

Multiple Destinations in One Trip

Cruising is also the cheapest way to travel from place to place. What other vacation can allow you to travel from Florida to the Bahamas, to Mexico, without worrying about booking hotels, food, and flights for often close to a hundred dollars a day?! You can visit the Florida Keys, Nassau Bahamas, Cozumel Mexico, and nearby islands all in one trip!

This allows for your family to explore multiple parts of the world, and see many different cultures and environments with the ability to return safely to the ship for food and sleeping. In a way, a cruise is sort of multiple vacations in one!

There’s Something for Everyone

A cruise vacation always has multiple activities happening on board. This means that everyone in the family can have a good time; from your little toddler to your grandpa, Rick. There is always something to do.

Pools- You can relax by the pool with a tropical beverage in hand, or you can jump right in the water. Often times there is more than one pool! There is usually a kids water park area with slides that adults can enjoy as well. (Hey, I definitely do!) There are also hot tubs. The ones on the main deck are generally loaded with kids, but there are adult only hot tubs as well!

Shows- On a Carnival Cruise there are shows aimed toward kids, one of these is the towel animal show. There are shows aimed towards adults, like the adult only comedy shows (these are usually late at night), and there are family comedy shows, as well as family main stage shows that showcase singing and dancing!

Casino/Arcade- The casino is a fun place to be, there are multiple slots and tables for card games. Black jack is my personal favorite. Although, my boyfriend won a hundred dollars out of the cash claw machine on our last cruise! The arcade has arcade games that both the kids and the adults can enjoy!

Clubs- There are kids clubs that you can drop the kids off at for several age ranges. I used to love going when I was a kid, because I got to hang out with people my own age, and play games with them. The staff always had something for us to do. My personal favorite was the on board scavenger hunt! There is also a night club for adults!

My siblings and I meeting up after spending time in our kids clubs back when I was twelve.

Games- Speaking of games, there are lots of activities set up that involve the whole family. Scavenger hunts, trivia, and Bingo are to name a few! There’s also a library that has board games!

Food- Pizza, Mexican, Asian, seafood, burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, cheese cake, warm chocolate melting cake… The food options are endless. There is something for everyone.

More- Often times there’s a movie screen, rock walls, karaoke and more!!

You’re Off the Grid

There’s no cell phone service on the open sea. That leaves a precious opportunity to spend quality time with your family; No distractions. Work can’t bother you, and your teenager won’t spend all day on the internet. (Unless you purchase it.) It’s prefect for being in the moment together, and it makes for such sweet clear memories.

Make Your Memories

I hope I’ve helped shed some light on why cruising is such a great option for families. There’s so much to do and they’re so affordable. I feel like if more people just knew these things, there would be a lot more families who would take vacations. Vacations are so important for our mental health. You deserve a break, and you deserve to have amazing memories with your family.