Adult Prom Night! When Can I Wear My Prom Dress Again?

Today was the day of my little brother’s senior prom. It made me think back to my own prom, and I was overcome with a rush of great memories. Seeing all the beautiful dresses reminded me of how I felt when I was the one wearing those beautiful gowns in high school. Is high school really the last time we can wear such elegant and glamorous clothes?

I’m here to tell you that there is such a thing as an adult prom night! When you book a cruise, you will have a formal night!(sometimes more than one on longer voyages) This will allow you to relive the experience of dressing up, and feeling like a beautiful celebrity.

Save the Dress–Or Buy A New One!

Unlike most people I know, I have been able to wear my old prom dresses several times! I went to prom in my sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school, so this has given me three dress options I was able to rotate on many cruises. My sister and I have also traded prom dresses before. This has given us lots of use out of our dresses, and has made the expense of a prom dress feel more justified. I have always hated the idea of spending hundreds of dollars for one night.


If you want a totally different experience, this also does give you the excuse to buy a new dress! (or a suit!) You don’t have to be eighteen or younger to buy beautiful non-wedding gowns. Elegant suits and dresses are for people of all ages when you go on a cruise!

Hair Salon!

But part of the prom experience is getting your hair done; So, what about getting pampered?? Well, you still can! Cruise ships typically offer spa services! This includes hair cuts, hair styling, massages, facials, teeth whitening, etc. You can get your hair curled and styled just the way you did for your prom.

You may be like me though, and prefer not to spend your money getting your hair styled for a night. If this is the case, you can simply pack your own hair styling supplies. I always bring a hair dryer, straightener, and hair curler. I also bring bobby pins, hair ties, and hair spray. I find it fun to get ready in the room with my friends or family. Don’t forget makeup and jewelry!

Fine Dining!

Typically, before prom everybody goes out for a particularly nice meal with their friends. Part of the fun is going out in the public eye dressed to the nines with your squad. You can do the same thing on your formal night! The fine dining will likely be even better, too! I’m going to be honest with you. The food on cruise ships is typically just sub par. Cruises have to serve over a thousand people at a pretty fast pace, and so you shouldn’t expect it to taste like your favorite restaurants on land. However, the service is incredible. I have always had great connections with my servers. They do everything from call you by your name, to put the napkin in your lap, and push your chairs in for you. You truly do feel like royalty.


Something you likely did not do for your high school prom was go and see a live show. After dinner on the ship you have the option to go and see many shows. This can range from song and dance shows, to stand-up comedy, to game shows. It’s so much fun to go see a show while you’re all dressed up with your loved ones. You just feel so classy.


Let’s not forget a huge part of prom though. Dancing. We all remember dancing with our dates and our friends. There are plenty of opportunities for some dancing on the ship. You can go check out the night club, head to the karaoke lounge, check out the piano bar, head up to the lido deck, or even walk along the main floor inside, and there’s often live music playing, and people dancing!

Get Ready for Prom 2.0

Re-wear your old dress, or buy a new one. Go to the ship’s spa, or contour yourself. Go out for dinner, dancing, AND a show. This is your prom 2.0. Except you’re sailing on the open seas surrounded by friends and family that you love. Get ready for a new amazing, nostalgic, yet elegant experience! Book a cruise and have an experience even better than prom!!





8 Comments on Adult Prom Night! When Can I Wear My Prom Dress Again?

  1. This is a great article Courtney!

    I love the idea of reusing your favorite dress, everyday somebody is getting rid of their dresses because they feel like that time of their life has ran out, and there’s no need for them anymore.

    But with all of the amazing events that you can attend wearing the dress that makes you feel young again is the perfect reason to keep it!

    • I know! I always see posts on facebook where people are trying to sell their prom dresses. You don’t really have to sell them if you cruise, because you need them for formal nights!

  2. Adult prom sounds like fun! I feel like I would have way more fun as an adult than as a horny little teenager.

    As long as the music is great I would love to do it. I ouldn’t do the cruise thing but I would love to do a gala!

    thanks for sharing,
    Shannon kamal

  3. What a fun way to tie into the cruise ship experience. Prom night. Fancy dress. I had no idea they had such fancy theaters and live shows. I’m a big fan of plays and live entertainment. I may have to take my wife on one now. I have never been on a cruise. I lived through the years of the ‘Love Boat’ TV show so I guess I thought it was like that which, to be honest, was very boring to me.
    I love a good meal, and dancing is cool but I thought cruise ships were just a place to get suntans and drink or gamble. Thanks for letting me know there is more to them.

  4. It is amazing and you are a lucky person to explore the world and sea even ocean.
    I have been onboard sometime ago serving/working as a seafarer so that I know what is the goodness of sailing. Fresh air/sea wave, swelling, flying fish and even dolphin and wahals can be seen sometime. So fancy dress is good for lady and enjoyable for partying.
    I am hoping, someday I can go with my family for cruise ship.

    My website:

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