About Me

Welcome to The Vacation Voyager!

My name is Courtney! I’m so excited to help you find your dream vacation for the lowest amount of money possible! At The Vacation Voyager I aim to provide you with the best deals in the coolest destinations around the world, as well as lots of advice, tips, and tricks!

The story behind my passion

When I think back on my fondest memories with my family and friends, most of them involve us on a vacation. We were away from school, work, and the stresses of life, and spending time together in a beautiful place. No bosses. No rude customers. No paperwork. Just the people that I loved on a fantastic adventure. I went on my first cruise when I was twelve, and since then my family has fallen completely in love with them. We now typically take a cruise about twice a year. These cruises were really the start of my “vacation craze” because they were affordable, and they were amazing.

A cruise is all-inclusive, and it’s what got me interested in all-inclusive resorts in general. I loved the idea of paying one price and having access to it all. A lot of these vacations hold many of my “infinite” memories. An “infinite moment” has been defined in the movie The Perks of Being a Wall Flower as a moment when you are completely and totally in the moment. You are not thinking about the past or the present at all, but are completely basking in, enjoying, and living in the current.

One of these infinite moments was when my siblings and I were on the Lido deck of a Carnival cruise, (top deck) playing putt-putt golf. It was formal night, so we were all wearing formal attire. We were cruising towards some rain clouds, and the wind was blowing so hard that it was literally moving us. We were laughing so hard trying to play anyway. Soon it got to be too much because it began pouring the rain. So the four of us took off running across the Lido deck towards shelter. We were dressed to the nines, I was wearing my beautiful white senior prom dress; I didn’t even care that it was getting wet. I was having so much fun laughing my head off with my siblings as we dashed to the other end of the ship towards the covered food court. I remember feeling completely blissful and happy, and I was not thinking about anything else except for how much fun I was having right then.

Likewise, I have gazed out at the sunset on the water, made a wish with a penny and watched it drop off the ship to the beautiful blue water below, snorkeled through the Bahamas, zip lined in Mexico, explored the Mayan ruins, and watched absolutely fantastic shows. All of these instances were times I felt infinite.

I want for you to feel this way too.

Why the heck should we suffer through life living paycheck to paycheck with only our days off to look forward to? Life is about more than working. Life is about experiencing; and the best way to experience life is to explore the world in which we live in with our loved ones. I created this website, because I want to show people that they CAN take dream vacations, and have these “infinite moments” at a fair price. I want for people to travel and see the world that we live in. It is SO important that we share special memories with loved ones, and take a break from our jobs. I want to show you that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

The Vacation Voyager Goals

This is not a website designed to scam you into buying expensive trips. I work hard to scour the internet for the very best deals, and I provide links to ALL INCLUSIVE vacation packages. All inclusive typically includes lodging, entertainment, and food! I have talked a lot about cruises, but my main focus includes resorts in countries all over the world. This could be especially appealing for those of you who weren’t quite born with sea legs. (Though there are patches and drugs to aid with that.) Please know that I truly want to reach as many people as possible, and help them to live their happiest and most fulfilling life possible. Happier people make for kinder people, and kinder people make for a better world. I will provide you with honest information, great deals, and I truly want you to have an amazing experience. Look through these specials, and PLEASE tell me about the “infinite moments” that you have after your vacation!